Play Conquest of Shareadise

Find out if you are aware in data sharing situations

In this european wide challenge you are exploring the cities of Norway, Germany, England and othe European countries and take on several challenges in the city life. Game challenges are related to data sharing and privacy behaviour. If you manage to stay aware you master each cities unique quests until every country is conquered and you have proven your privacy awareness quality.

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What is evaluated when you play the game

By playing your behaviour in the game is protocolled and anonymously stored for analytic purposes. You must be over 16 to take part in the challenge and state your age and nationality as well as what subject you are studying if you are a student and your years of experience in your profession / field of research if you are a researcher. You have to give your explicit consent that researchers in the ALerT project are allowed to store and analyse this anonymous recorded data that holds no personal references. You can revoke your allowance of processing the data with the token you have been using to play the game. However, revoking is only possible if analysis is not already conducted which is usually around 2 weeks after you have played. Duration of the game is depending on your skills but usually it takes no more than 20 to 30 minutes to fulfil provided quests.

You may only play once after giving consent by entering the token that has been provided to you. The device you play from needs a stable internet connection. The token expires after one use. If the game crashes or you leave it without finishing you, unfortunately, may not play again. Your game progress up to the played point will be evaluated if possible. However, we would be very happy to see you having your entry in the highscore by finishing the game and conquering Shareadise.

By playing you help us to create valuable and enjoyable games and tools that help young people to learn about responsible handling of person related data.

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What is not evaluated when you play the game

The game does not at any point assess or record person related data other than nationality, country where you participate from, subject of study/profession and years of experience in this profession.

Specifically no data is recorded that allows backreference to you as a person as for example ip-address, address, name, specific location in the country.